hiptone image preview

Hiptone Guitar Builder

Talent Showcased: Interactivity, Client-side Development

Objective: Allow users to create their own custom guitar

Target Audience: Teenage and adult consumers

  • Tabs offer a handy way for users to navigate from section to section as they customize specific areas of the guitar.
  • The site is designed for users to easily navigate through each selection in order for the user to build their desired product without confusion. The use of directions and identifiable menu items provides a user friendly interface.
  • The logo of the fictitious company and the headings of the content use bold, light-colored fonts to suggest the influence of funk and jazz styles.
  • Dark blues mixed with eye popping color swatches make for a dynamic interface that brings out the customizable elements of the Hiptone guitar.

Dream Streamer image preview

Dream Streamers E-Commmerce Site

Talent Showcased: Interactivity, Server-side Development

Objective: Create a ficticious E-Commerce site.

Target Audience: Teenage and adult consumers

  • This site allows users to view and minipulate different items from a database.
  • Dream Streamers contains hand-coded PHP and MySQL in order to bring in prodcuts from a database.
  • Color scheme uses bright blues against dark backgrounds in order to bring out a futuristic brand identity that is accurate for a site that would sell streaming technology.
  • By signing in as Boss for the username and password, you will be able to access deleting, adding, and rearranging items that are called upon in my database.

Following Jams image preview

Following Jams Blog Site

Talent Showcased: Familiarity with Frameworks

Objective: Display blog entries in Wordpress CMS

Target Audience: Young Adult, Middle Age Adult active concert followers

  • This site was developed using the Wordpress Content Management System environment.
  • Site uses a custom theme that I developed for use within Wordpress.
  • The use of nature oriented graphics gives the perspective for the user to feel as if they are in a concert environment.
  • Allows for users with administrator privilages to upload blog entries and be displayed within a blog page.