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Looking for a one stop shop full of your favorite bands, live recordings, reviews and commentary all things relating to Jam? Well, you have come to the right place. We have taken the best writers and the most experienced concert goers to give you the ultimate channel to round the clock coverage of your favorite bands, festivals and more! Please join us, as we dive into the distant realms of the counter culture and bring it straight to your screens.

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We bring you live footage from the ground, and even back stage, to some of the most epic concerts and festivals. Come follow us among the hordes of fans to be able to enjoy your favorite show anywhere. Never miss a live show again with our ground team, dedicated to capturing every breathtaking moment at your own comfort and convenience. They don’t call us Following Jam’s for nothing!

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Commuting to work and get a craving to hear that Phesh concert you saw last weekend? There’s only one place to download it, in the best quality possible. At Following Jams, we pride ourselves on having the opportunity to bring you all awesome audio for live shows through the help of our engineers and the entire Jam community. Don’t rely on bootleg quality to help you get through your late night at the office. Get to our recordings archive now under the find recordings tab now.