Responsive Design With Everyone In Mind.

I am a front-end Web Developer from the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.

The work you see on this site shows my versatility in modern front-end development languages,

along with my exploration into back-end development.

In pursuing my Associate’s degree at Pittsburgh Technical College, I have developed two key personal goals: to always take on projects out of my comfort zone and to keep my designs as unique as possible.

I have already created projects such as interactive builders, E-Commerce sites, blog sites, Drupal and WordPress projects involving custom themes, and a hand-coded content management system with user authentication.

In today’s world, every client’s website needs a responsive design that works seamlessly across all device sizes and platforms to reach as many users as possible. Throughout my portfolio, you will see that all of my designs adhere to current standards in responsive design for the web.


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The following coding languages are the primary tools I have used to develop and design my portfolio projects. These are the most modern languages that are used throughout the industry currently. Please click on the buttons below to find out more information about each language.

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